Tips For Women Traveling Through Europe Alone

10-safety-tips-for-women-traveling-europe-alone-auto-europe-670x224Several thousands of women travel to other countries every year on their own. Start your trip cautiously and travel the destination based on your interest. You must check several factors that favor you and plan a safer and smoother trip.

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The two big problems faced by women are harassment and theft. Some countries have more possibility of theft. For example, America is a very scary place for women due to high assault rate and Europe is a safe place and also violence is very rare here.

When traveling alone different places, you must be well-prepared and self-reliant so that you don’t require the company of anyone. Always travel with a guide, map, and cash with you. You should also ensure that walk with your head up and be confident wherever you go. If you want help, check with another women or families, ask the directions in store and check your map.

When using cash machines, you must withdraw it during day time. Try to avoid night time since there are chances of theft because of darkness. You can visit bus or train station in the country before using them and check what the service options available to you.

In most European cities, men speak English very well than women, so you won’t miss the opportunity to speak European men. Just pick the right men and speak with them. You should never draw the attention of men in northern European cities, but in Southern Europe, you will easily attract men, and it is hard to handle them. But you should be aware that in the modern world when you look men eyes directly, it is considered as an invitation.

You can wear dark sunglasses to hide your look from others. You should be cautious and modest in your dressing so that you can avoid men’s attraction. You must observe what kind of dress local women wear and wear them. If you are young women, you should prevent walking alone at nights especially in dark areas.

You should use body language, facial expressions, and loud voice to ward off unwanted attention. You should loudly say “no” in the local language when a man comes closely to you. You must learn how to deal and behave with local men in Europe. You can often notice that local people identify you easily and look at you.

If you notice anyone follows you, you should not wait anymore scream and reach crazy to the situation. You can enter the nearest hotel and start chatting with the person sitting at the desk or visit the nearest mall and act like shopping.

If you plan to meet a man or boyfriend, you must meet him in public place. If possible meet him with some of your roommates and introduce them to him and also inform your roommates where you are going and when will you return back.

How To Stay Safe On A Trip To Europe

stayWith the world at a turmoil most of the time, it is the concern of every traveller to remain safe regardless of the destination. The crime rates differ in each country, and it would be prudent for a first-time traveller or a seasoned one to be on their lookout at all times to avoid being caught unawares. For more information, you can take a look at clc world travel centre review before heading out to a new destination.  offers many articles on how people have been duped during their travels and reading them could help you be prepared for every situation, as knowledge is power.

There has been an increase in the reports of violence in Europe concerning tourists, and this will keep on increasing along with the economic crisis the world is facing. The fact remains that even with the increase in reported global homicide rate, Europe is way behind America according to the United Nations Office of Drug and Crime (UNODC) Global study. So it would not be prudent to cancel your European vacation for an American one. Since most attacks seem to be targeted at cities in Europe, you should consider planning a rural countryside vacation and head for the smaller cities and towns and soak in the scenery and fresh air.

Major tourist destinations all have one thing in common, pickpockets! There is a large share of thieves thriving in tourist destinations who are bent on parting a tourist from their money. Female travellers would benefit from not carrying purses, as they are quite easy to steal and male travellers should not carry their wallets in their back pockets.

Regardless of gender, travellers should carry their valuables like money, passport, and credit cards and so on in a sturdy, below the belt wallet. Thieves will attempt to steal them by using razors to cut them off when you are in a crowded area. So try to make sure that your belt stays hidden under your shirt and does not bulge out visibly.

Vespas are quite useful to get from one part of the city to another; unfortunately, they are also used by snatchers to make a quick getaway. Keep an eye out for them while walking through crowded areas and clutch your bag tightly to your side. IN case they do manage to latch on to your bag, then it would be prudent to let go of your bag quickly to avoid any serious injury.

If you are using the ATM during your travels, always make sure that people behind you are not able to see your PIN number. A common ATM scam is placing a sleeve inside the ATM card socket that prevents the machine from reading your card. As you leave thinking that the card had gotten stuck inside the machine, the thieves quickly retrieve it and use it along with the PIN they saw you entering.

When you come across the various crime stories that have taken place against tourists in Europe, always keep in mind that it has happened to only a small percentage of the tourists who made the same journey to these destinations. Be prepared and take precautions and you can enjoy your vacation without a hitch.

What To Pack For A Trip To Granada

pack-for-a-tripMany people claim that packing is the toughest job of their travel plan. Normally people start packing only before few days of their trip and they find it more stressful and challenging. There are many holiday companies that offer their clients exclusive traveling package to their destination location at an affordable price like the self-catering option, free week of luxury and many others.

CLC Travel Centre offers great traveling package options to Spain and several other locations. Many first time visitors to Spain wowed at the beauty of Spain.

The tourism department of Honk Kong reveals the total tourist visitors to the country in 2015 in their website The website also includes other details such as average overnight visitors, same day visitors etc.

This article helps you to pack the required items for a Granada visit in the spring or summer season.

The temperature in Southern Spain will be high in summer and spring season. Because of the unique geography, the temperature in Granada changes swiftly. For example, you may sometimes feel the cool morning temperature and in the lunchtime the temperature becomes hot. During spring and summer time, you must layer your clothes. During the summer months of July and August, the temperature will be very stable and you don’t worry about frequent changes.

Wearing cotton and natural fiber is the best option to wear during summer months. Don’t use polyester, elastane fabrics during the summer season. They produce more sweating and make you uncomfortable in this season. Avoid dark colors since it absorbs more amount of heat. During the evening time, you can wear a light sweater or cover up with a shawl. An umbrella is not necessary for a trip to Granada since on an average only 50 days out of total 365 days will rain here. The driest months of Granada are June to September.

When packing shoes you must ensure whether it has fine grip. You can easily visit different places on Granada on foot since the distances are very short from one place to another. You must think about uneven cobbles in some roads since it makes you hard to walk on the cobbled streets with high heels.

You can pack Aloe Vera gel with you since this will great for skin burn, skin irritation, and insect bites. Even when you are at home, you must use this gel since you can easily get exposed to the sun when sitting on the terrace or just walking around. During the summer months, using hot is also a great idea.

You will see all the local people of Granada walk along the shady portions of the street. Wearing sunglasses is the best option when you walk around the city. Sun is Granada is stronger when compared to other places in Europe. Also, the sun during winter daytime is strong here. But in winter time, you can walk in the sunny shade of the street to get vitamin D.

Abanico is the Spanish fan and it is a beautiful accessory that will be very useful when you travel in public transport. You can get it from the local shops.

Plan A Checklist While Planning Your Trip To Spain

spain-photoWhile planning a travel, there are a whole lot of things to consider. Among them the most prominent include packing. Again packing depends on your personal preference and the climatic conditions of the place.

Arrangements for the trip
When leaving for Spain, you cannot do without a passport and visa. Ensure your passport is valid and the visa documents in order. Copies of the credit card information and other bank details have to be left with the family member, to report in case the card is lost. Similarly, do the same with your debit card and saving accounts. Book travel tickets, hotel, car rentals in advance and carry all this information safely. Most of these can be done online, however carrying hard copies of this information is safe.

Before leaving for Spain, check some credit website like CLC World Travel Centre for sightseeing information, travel itineraries, restaurants, hotels and more. For more on Spain tourism check Carrying maps and Spanish to English dictionary would come handy while traveling in Spain.

Clothing to pack
Ensure you pack some comfortable clothes depending on which seasons you have planned your travel. During summers take some comfortable and light-shaded cotton clothes than those with dark shades. Shorts are suitable if you are traveling during the summer. Do not forget to take your bathing costume. Caps and hats can form the best protection during sun. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the UV rays of the sun. A handbag to hold your wallet, mobile and other accessories are essential.

Carry your health items
Sunscreen lotions and repellent lotions are mandatory. You can also carry a first aid kit with some bandage, aspirin, travel sickness pills and other prescription medicines. Never forget to carry your health insurance and travel insurance certificate. If you have reading issues, carry your reading glasses.

Appliances and other electrical items
Cameras, batteries, video recording equipment and electrical adaptors are essential to capture the scenic beauty of Spain. Pack an alarm clock, binoculars and currency converter. Do not forget to carry your mobile, charger and headphones. Also, ensure you choose the right International roaming plan to save on voice and data charges.

Miscellaneous items
Carry your business card, identity proof, and address book. A good book to read could keep you occupied while traveling. A pen is a must in your bag. Normally the hotel provides laundry bag for used clothes, but you can also carry some if you need. A sewing kit could be helpful. Eye wraps and ear plugs can help you relax while on travel. You can throw a bottle opener or a corkscrew in your bag. A water bottle to quench your thirst and zip pouches to carry your documents is ideal.

What to do before leaving?
Before leaving out of town, it is important to defrost the refrigerator, turn off the water. Inform your friends or neighbor to check on your house often. They can also water the plants and collect the posts. If you have pets at home, make arrangements to leave them in the kennel or with your relatives or friends. Discard all decomposing waste.

How To Buy Beach Condos In Costa Rica


Would you like to buy a beach home in Costa Rica? It is not too expensive and you can easily reach your vacation or second home comfortably. Whether it is your first home or second home or even a fifth home, Costa Rica is the perfect option for buying a home. Real estate firms in Costa Rica can support you effectively while purchasing a Costa Rican home.

When searching for real estate firms in this country, you can ask for reference from friends who have purchased homes or settled in Costa Rica. Or you can find the right firm from online websites. You can use Google to search for realty Costa Rica to pick the reputed and best real estate company like Sir Costa Rica.

If you are new to this country, you can buy condos at locations near the beach. The cost of the condo may vary based on numerous factors. You can also make money by renting your home when the house is not occupied by you. Beach condos are easily accessible to all the basic amenities like restaurants, shopping etc.

Though it is the wonderful country for foreign investments, you must take a wise decision when purchasing home in this country. It is best to hire a real estate agent to buy a home. There are plenty of real estate agents available but not all agents are skillful and suitable for your purchase requirement. You must look for a reputable and nationally recognized agent who is certified to operate in this country.

To pick a suitable agent you can visit the website Costa Rica Chamber of Real Estate Brokers and check Costa Rica’s multiple listing service from the site. You should search for a real estate agent who is living close to the community where you would like to buy your home. This agent can guide you about the local price, cultural issues and the local lifestyles prevalent in the community. You must verify whether your agent is registered under the professional Real Estate Association. You can also ask the people living in or around the community to find a good realtor.

Before buying the home, you should also evaluate what is included and not included in the Homeowners Association fee. The Association fee normally includes normal maintenance for the building, common areas, insurance for the building, manned security and other facilities. If there are more facilities and more manpower to protect the building then you will need to pay more management fees for the home.

Home inspection is also essential before making the purchase decision. Be it is a new home or an old one, you must hire a building inspector and check the plumbing, electrical system, roofing, HVAC system and other units in the home. The quality of the house is very much essential since you are making huge investment. Beach condos will need special inspection for steel structures for flooding and salt damage.

You must personally visit the home more than once and verify the property. No other details are as authentic than you verifying the home yourself. You must compare the cost of the beach condos in the same area before investing in the condo.

A Golf Course: The Best Place For Informal Meetings


It will not be an exaggeration if we are to say that over the past half a century many a business deals have been struck by the most well-known businesses on a Golf course. It will also not be wrong to say that Golf has always been considered to be a game that is played by the posh section of the society. So, it will be a very good idea on your part if you are to plan some of your informal meetings on the golf course and make the best deals on the lush green of a golf course that is second to none in terms of beauty. If you are a resident of Toronto in Canada then you may opt for the Golf course at the Beacon Hall Club as a choice in this regard. It will be great if you already have Beacon Hall membership.

If you are not a member of this great club then you must make sure that you join it as soon as you can. This is because of the fact that this Golf club is one of the most well-known clubs for Golf in the city. The members of this club are all from the upper strata of the society and hence it will be a very good place for you to mingle. If you are to join this club and then be one of the regular faces at the court then you will have two very obvious benefits. The first and foremost is that you will get the chance to play on one of the most beautiful courses in the country. The second thing is the crowd that you will mingle with will be a great tool to broaden your horizons in the professional sense.

It has to be said that almost all the members of this great Golf club are from the high society and hence it is a great place to socialize and develop relationships. In any case, you must become a member (if you already aren’t) simply to enjoy a round or two every other weekend. The other thing that you must do is to bring some of your informal meetings on the lush green of the Beacon Hall Golf courses.

If any of your business associates like to play this great game then you can rest assured that it will be a lot easier to get them on track on a golf course than anywhere else on the planet. So, please make sure that you are able to avail this great chance. Do not miss out on the opportunity to join the Beacon Hall Club.

You may also opt for one of the other golf clubs but it has to be said that there are very few which are in the same class as the Beacon Hall Golf Club. It will be a much better situation for you if you are to opt for a club that you may always rely on as a place to relax over a round of the great game.

An Honest Review Of The Best Gas Grill Models 2016

best-grills-2016-300x300To buy the best grill, you must focus on many important things like cooking space, size, weight, portability, wind resistance, burner performance and maximum fuel output. If you want to take the grill to outdoors then you must buy an outdoor grill suitable to your requirement. To know about the best portable grills preferred by the people in recent days, you should visit the web page which contains the portable grill reviews, pros, cons and the price.

You can use the portable grill for any type of outdoor purpose like camping, one day picnic, beach trip etc. Using the portable grill, you can make the best food away from your home. You have the options from selecting two types of portable grills such as portable propane gas and portable charcoal gas. Portable grills are grills that are less than 45 pounds weight and it is easy to transport. You can carry the portable grills up and down the stairs without any difficulty.

The following portable grills gain popularity and have positive reviews from the users.

Cuisinart Petit Gourmet is the only portable grill contains a bag for easy transportation. It is easily portable where you can carry it with one hand. The legs designed nicely which allow you to transport it easily even without its bag. You can enjoy many funny experiences in this model because it is ultralight and conventional to carry. The grill is low setting and it doesn’t have the medium setting model. This model is not very powerful but it grills the food evenly. In low setting, you can grill the vegetables slowly or you can even roast garlic without burning.

Weber Q 1000 is a strong, portable, porcelain enameled, non-stick cooking grate and cast-iron that is the second easiest grill to clean among all the other portable grills. It has the perfect ignition system where the absence of lid latch prevents the issues from starting the grill. It has a removable aluminum insert that enters into the drip tray and makes your cleaning job easy. One drawback of the aluminum tray was it not resistant to the wind and is easily blown in the air.

Coleman NXT 50 is lightweight and easy to transport to other places. Because of construction sturdiness, this grill leaves noisy when being transported. When you keep the lid of the grill in the open position it takes large space and it is a little disadvantage in this grill.

One interesting feature in this grill is it has the twist and turn control of the knob to switch it off entirely. Most of the grills don’t have this feature which in turns off the grill completely when switching from a high flame to low flame. The long fuel tube of this grill is dangerous when you want to move it from one place to another and it is the drawback where you need to remove the canister first.

You can have many other gas grill options apart from the other models with unique features and you can know about them before making your buying decision.

Do Not Miss These Places When You Visit San Francisco

tmg-article_tallSan Francisco in the state of California is a well-known travel destination and among the most popular tourist places in the United States. It has a variety of monuments and other tourist attractions that can be visited by those who plan to travel to San Francisco. Depending upon the amount of time that you plan to spend in San Francisco different priorities regarding the places to visit can be made. Remember that the most important part of any such tour should be to understand the very essence of the destination where you are going.

One of the most well-known travel destinations in San Francisco is the Golden Gates Bridge. This is one of the most beautifully made bridges across the world. More than ten million people travel on the Golden Gate Bridge every year making it one of the most traveled bridges across the planet. You can visit to know more about the Golden Gates Bridge and other well-known travel destinations in San Francisco. You may use the following link to visit

Another very well known tourist attraction in San Francisco in the state of California is the Aquarium which is situated on Pier 39. It is centrally located and has an extremely high variety of aquatic animals. Rarest of the rare breeds of aquatic animals are showcased in the aquarium. Millions of tourists from across the world come to San Francisco to visit places like the Aquarium located on Pier 39 and the Golden Gates Bridge. It is places like these that have made San Francisco one of the most loved and most popular travel destinations not only in the United States but also across the world.

The San Francisco zoo is another reason for the extremely high popularity of San Francisco as a travel and tourist destination. The San Francisco zoo is spread over an area of almost 125 acres and has an unbelievably high variety of animal species available. There are a lot of places inside the zoo where kids can engage in various activities. Hence, visiting the San Francisco zoo can be adventurous as well as relaxing. The experience can be fun filled for you as well as your children.

Visiting places like the Fishermen’s Wharf can also be a very enriching experience for you. It is one of the most exciting but traditional travels and tourist destinations located in San Francisco. Tourists across the world have been visiting San Francisco to visit places like the Fishermen’s Wharf and other travel attractions in San Francisco for over a century now. Do not miss out on the Fishermen’s Wharf if and when you travel to San Francisco.

Remember that you cannot visit all the tourist attractions that San Francisco has to offer. Hence it would be prudent if you strategized properly. Prioritizing can be a very important part of your strategy because it will make sure that you do not miss out on places that actually interest you. We hope that this article was helpful.

How To Choose The Travel Operator For The Holiday Trip?

Holiday TripPlanning a trip for the holiday is an exciting one but you may be scared when you heard the prices of the travel operators. You can enjoy your vacation by hiring affordable travel operators. There are various travel operators available with different offer packages and price quotes. If you are new to booking the travel agencies, then you might face trouble in differentiating the good ones from the bad ones. Are you planning for a summer trip? In the website, you have many holiday packages to Asia with the benefit of excellent resort and hotel selection options.
You should first compare the price rates offered by different travel operators. It is a very simple job all you need to do is visit different travel agency websites to find their offers frequently. Whenever you see any cheap offer in the travel agency, you should immediately book it. This saves you a lot of money holding in your account.
You must not fix with your first holiday package offer. Before finalizing the first offer, you must check the price quote of the other travel operators for the similar package. It consumes your time much but really you will be surprised to see many cheap rates of the holiday deals. You will have additional money to enjoy your holiday trip if you minimize your lodging and transportation cost.
You should plan your trip well in advance to minimize your traveling expenses. If you know the destination place of your trip earlier, then you can book your tickets with the travel operator. Many travel operators raise their price in the peak season. Advance booking saves you a lot of money. You can also enjoy the benefit of discounts in advanced booking.
Planning in advance not only saves your money in traveling, but you can plan your holiday vacation like preparing the shopping items you like to buy in the new destination, places you want to visit in the new location, preparing your body to enjoy in the destination, etc. If you are not taking your children with you for the trip, you can make proper arrangements for a trustworthy person to take care of your children.
The last minute traveling plan gives you a lot of mess. You will not find the cheap traveling package with any of the operators, and you need to bargain with them to lessen the prices. You can manage your holiday plan arrangements even at the eleventh hour and then you must be adjustable with your trip scheduled time. You can wait till a few weeks before the planned travel date to avail interesting offers with the travel operators.
When you are flexible with your trip, you have the chances to get exciting offers from the travel operators like cheap travel rate, hotel price, and even if you decided for the family holiday you will get child caretaker for free. This is the best choice if you are comfortable with the time frame of your trip.
You try to avoid the reputed locations in the peak season because it will be very crowded with tourists and you need to incur more expenses on lodging, food, expenses on fuel. The entertainment is also limited due to the crawling of more tourists.

Types Of Personal Loans That You Can Avail

Types Of Personal LoansPersonal loans are of two types secured and unsecured. In secured loans, you need to produce any security as collateral to avail the loan, whereas in unsecured one, you do not need to produce any security.
Getting the second type of loan is better because in the secured loan you pledge any of your property as security. If you failed to pay the monthly instalments, you will lose your property. There is no such risk in unsecured loans. The unsecured loan can be bought for any of the below reasons like to buy your dream car, to repair your existing home or to pay any existing debts to reduce your bad credit history.
In this type of loan, there will be no process like measuring your property value to give you the loan. There were only limited lenders those days to give you loans of the unsecured type but now there are many lenders available.
You can repay the loan amount within six months to ten years period. There are more risks associated with this loan type, so it has higher interest rates than the secured loans. You can make your dreams come true by availing the unsecured advances from either the banks or financial institutions.
In earlier days, it was difficult to get the loans because there were only a few players in the market. But there are many banks and lending companies are offering now the unsecured advances. You have to research a lot and decide which company will be suitable for you.
The secured loans can be availed by the person with the good credit history, and the unsecured ones can be given to both good and bad credit history people. If you have any poor credit history like bad debts, bankruptcy you can avail the loans in the unsecured money market.