How To Stay Safe On A Trip To Europe

stayWith the world at a turmoil most of the time, it is the concern of every traveller to remain safe regardless of the destination. The crime rates differ in each country, and it would be prudent for a first-time traveller or a seasoned one to be on their lookout at all times to avoid being caught unawares. For more information, you can take a look at clc world travel centre review before heading out to a new destination.  offers many articles on how people have been duped during their travels and reading them could help you be prepared for every situation, as knowledge is power.

There has been an increase in the reports of violence in Europe concerning tourists, and this will keep on increasing along with the economic crisis the world is facing. The fact remains that even with the increase in reported global homicide rate, Europe is way behind America according to the United Nations Office of Drug and Crime (UNODC) Global study. So it would not be prudent to cancel your European vacation for an American one. Since most attacks seem to be targeted at cities in Europe, you should consider planning a rural countryside vacation and head for the smaller cities and towns and soak in the scenery and fresh air.

Major tourist destinations all have one thing in common, pickpockets! There is a large share of thieves thriving in tourist destinations who are bent on parting a tourist from their money. Female travellers would benefit from not carrying purses, as they are quite easy to steal and male travellers should not carry their wallets in their back pockets.

Regardless of gender, travellers should carry their valuables like money, passport, and credit cards and so on in a sturdy, below the belt wallet. Thieves will attempt to steal them by using razors to cut them off when you are in a crowded area. So try to make sure that your belt stays hidden under your shirt and does not bulge out visibly.

Vespas are quite useful to get from one part of the city to another; unfortunately, they are also used by snatchers to make a quick getaway. Keep an eye out for them while walking through crowded areas and clutch your bag tightly to your side. IN case they do manage to latch on to your bag, then it would be prudent to let go of your bag quickly to avoid any serious injury.

If you are using the ATM during your travels, always make sure that people behind you are not able to see your PIN number. A common ATM scam is placing a sleeve inside the ATM card socket that prevents the machine from reading your card. As you leave thinking that the card had gotten stuck inside the machine, the thieves quickly retrieve it and use it along with the PIN they saw you entering.

When you come across the various crime stories that have taken place against tourists in Europe, always keep in mind that it has happened to only a small percentage of the tourists who made the same journey to these destinations. Be prepared and take precautions and you can enjoy your vacation without a hitch.

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