How To Buy Beach Condos In Costa Rica


Would you like to buy a beach home in Costa Rica? It is not too expensive and you can easily reach your vacation or second home comfortably. Whether it is your first home or second home or even a fifth home, Costa Rica is the perfect option for buying a home. Real estate firms in Costa Rica can support you effectively while purchasing a Costa Rican home.

When searching for real estate firms in this country, you can ask for reference from friends who have purchased homes or settled in Costa Rica. Or you can find the right firm from online websites. You can use Google to search for realty Costa Rica to pick the reputed and best real estate company like Sir Costa Rica.

If you are new to this country, you can buy condos at locations near the beach. The cost of the condo may vary based on numerous factors. You can also make money by renting your home when the house is not occupied by you. Beach condos are easily accessible to all the basic amenities like restaurants, shopping etc.

Though it is the wonderful country for foreign investments, you must take a wise decision when purchasing home in this country. It is best to hire a real estate agent to buy a home. There are plenty of real estate agents available but not all agents are skillful and suitable for your purchase requirement. You must look for a reputable and nationally recognized agent who is certified to operate in this country.

To pick a suitable agent you can visit the website Costa Rica Chamber of Real Estate Brokers and check Costa Rica’s multiple listing service from the site. You should search for a real estate agent who is living close to the community where you would like to buy your home. This agent can guide you about the local price, cultural issues and the local lifestyles prevalent in the community. You must verify whether your agent is registered under the professional Real Estate Association. You can also ask the people living in or around the community to find a good realtor.

Before buying the home, you should also evaluate what is included and not included in the Homeowners Association fee. The Association fee normally includes normal maintenance for the building, common areas, insurance for the building, manned security and other facilities. If there are more facilities and more manpower to protect the building then you will need to pay more management fees for the home.

Home inspection is also essential before making the purchase decision. Be it is a new home or an old one, you must hire a building inspector and check the plumbing, electrical system, roofing, HVAC system and other units in the home. The quality of the house is very much essential since you are making huge investment. Beach condos will need special inspection for steel structures for flooding and salt damage.

You must personally visit the home more than once and verify the property. No other details are as authentic than you verifying the home yourself. You must compare the cost of the beach condos in the same area before investing in the condo.