An Honest Review Of The Best Gas Grill Models 2016

best-grills-2016-300x300To buy the best grill, you must focus on many important things like cooking space, size, weight, portability, wind resistance, burner performance and maximum fuel output. If you want to take the grill to outdoors then you must buy an outdoor grill suitable to your requirement. To know about the best portable grills preferred by the people in recent days, you should visit the web page which contains the portable grill reviews, pros, cons and the price.

You can use the portable grill for any type of outdoor purpose like camping, one day picnic, beach trip etc. Using the portable grill, you can make the best food away from your home. You have the options from selecting two types of portable grills such as portable propane gas and portable charcoal gas. Portable grills are grills that are less than 45 pounds weight and it is easy to transport. You can carry the portable grills up and down the stairs without any difficulty.

The following portable grills gain popularity and have positive reviews from the users.

Cuisinart Petit Gourmet is the only portable grill contains a bag for easy transportation. It is easily portable where you can carry it with one hand. The legs designed nicely which allow you to transport it easily even without its bag. You can enjoy many funny experiences in this model because it is ultralight and conventional to carry. The grill is low setting and it doesn’t have the medium setting model. This model is not very powerful but it grills the food evenly. In low setting, you can grill the vegetables slowly or you can even roast garlic without burning.

Weber Q 1000 is a strong, portable, porcelain enameled, non-stick cooking grate and cast-iron that is the second easiest grill to clean among all the other portable grills. It has the perfect ignition system where the absence of lid latch prevents the issues from starting the grill. It has a removable aluminum insert that enters into the drip tray and makes your cleaning job easy. One drawback of the aluminum tray was it not resistant to the wind and is easily blown in the air.

Coleman NXT 50 is lightweight and easy to transport to other places. Because of construction sturdiness, this grill leaves noisy when being transported. When you keep the lid of the grill in the open position it takes large space and it is a little disadvantage in this grill.

One interesting feature in this grill is it has the twist and turn control of the knob to switch it off entirely. Most of the grills don’t have this feature which in turns off the grill completely when switching from a high flame to low flame. The long fuel tube of this grill is dangerous when you want to move it from one place to another and it is the drawback where you need to remove the canister first.

You can have many other gas grill options apart from the other models with unique features and you can know about them before making your buying decision.