Plan A Checklist While Planning Your Trip To Spain

spain-photoWhile planning a travel, there are a whole lot of things to consider. Among them the most prominent include packing. Again packing depends on your personal preference and the climatic conditions of the place.

Arrangements for the trip
When leaving for Spain, you cannot do without a passport and visa. Ensure your passport is valid and the visa documents in order. Copies of the credit card information and other bank details have to be left with the family member, to report in case the card is lost. Similarly, do the same with your debit card and saving accounts. Book travel tickets, hotel, car rentals in advance and carry all this information safely. Most of these can be done online, however carrying hard copies of this information is safe.

Before leaving for Spain, check some credit website like CLC World Travel Centre for sightseeing information, travel itineraries, restaurants, hotels and more. For more on Spain tourism check Carrying maps and Spanish to English dictionary would come handy while traveling in Spain.

Clothing to pack
Ensure you pack some comfortable clothes depending on which seasons you have planned your travel. During summers take some comfortable and light-shaded cotton clothes than those with dark shades. Shorts are suitable if you are traveling during the summer. Do not forget to take your bathing costume. Caps and hats can form the best protection during sun. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the UV rays of the sun. A handbag to hold your wallet, mobile and other accessories are essential.

Carry your health items
Sunscreen lotions and repellent lotions are mandatory. You can also carry a first aid kit with some bandage, aspirin, travel sickness pills and other prescription medicines. Never forget to carry your health insurance and travel insurance certificate. If you have reading issues, carry your reading glasses.

Appliances and other electrical items
Cameras, batteries, video recording equipment and electrical adaptors are essential to capture the scenic beauty of Spain. Pack an alarm clock, binoculars and currency converter. Do not forget to carry your mobile, charger and headphones. Also, ensure you choose the right International roaming plan to save on voice and data charges.

Miscellaneous items
Carry your business card, identity proof, and address book. A good book to read could keep you occupied while traveling. A pen is a must in your bag. Normally the hotel provides laundry bag for used clothes, but you can also carry some if you need. A sewing kit could be helpful. Eye wraps and ear plugs can help you relax while on travel. You can throw a bottle opener or a corkscrew in your bag. A water bottle to quench your thirst and zip pouches to carry your documents is ideal.

What to do before leaving?
Before leaving out of town, it is important to defrost the refrigerator, turn off the water. Inform your friends or neighbor to check on your house often. They can also water the plants and collect the posts. If you have pets at home, make arrangements to leave them in the kennel or with your relatives or friends. Discard all decomposing waste.