Tips For Women Traveling Through Europe Alone

10-safety-tips-for-women-traveling-europe-alone-auto-europe-670x224Several thousands of women travel to other countries every year on their own. Start your trip cautiously and travel the destination based on your interest. You must check several factors that favor you and plan a safer and smoother trip.

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The two big problems faced by women are harassment and theft. Some countries have more possibility of theft. For example, America is a very scary place for women due to high assault rate and Europe is a safe place and also violence is very rare here.

When traveling alone different places, you must be well-prepared and self-reliant so that you don’t require the company of anyone. Always travel with a guide, map, and cash with you. You should also ensure that walk with your head up and be confident wherever you go. If you want help, check with another women or families, ask the directions in store and check your map.

When using cash machines, you must withdraw it during day time. Try to avoid night time since there are chances of theft because of darkness. You can visit bus or train station in the country before using them and check what the service options available to you.

In most European cities, men speak English very well than women, so you won’t miss the opportunity to speak European men. Just pick the right men and speak with them. You should never draw the attention of men in northern European cities, but in Southern Europe, you will easily attract men, and it is hard to handle them. But you should be aware that in the modern world when you look men eyes directly, it is considered as an invitation.

You can wear dark sunglasses to hide your look from others. You should be cautious and modest in your dressing so that you can avoid men’s attraction. You must observe what kind of dress local women wear and wear them. If you are young women, you should prevent walking alone at nights especially in dark areas.

You should use body language, facial expressions, and loud voice to ward off unwanted attention. You should loudly say “no” in the local language when a man comes closely to you. You must learn how to deal and behave with local men in Europe. You can often notice that local people identify you easily and look at you.

If you notice anyone follows you, you should not wait anymore scream and reach crazy to the situation. You can enter the nearest hotel and start chatting with the person sitting at the desk or visit the nearest mall and act like shopping.

If you plan to meet a man or boyfriend, you must meet him in public place. If possible meet him with some of your roommates and introduce them to him and also inform your roommates where you are going and when will you return back.

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